Bolsos de piel VANELE | Exclusive Hand Bags


Vanele was born out of the need to express art through craftwork, thanks to an education based in architecture and experience rooted in design. Originality within the commonplace, the ELAN collection is a nod to past times exploring and testing out the future but always reclaiming the present.

Craftwork with foundations that lie in the traditions of a community based on the human factor, and that pay tribute to artisan labour, seeking out new structures to make bags an item that accompanies us wherever and whenver we travel and thus making a profound statement.

Fruit of the classic and transgressive, timeless and avant-guard, drawing inspiration from moments of evolution focusing on an exclusive, personal style in a globalised world. Rebellious by nature, it reaches its maximum splendour by dressing men and women with unique personalities.

The new concept of daily prêt-à-porter in the ELAN collection

We have created a bag that can travel the world and fits in any situation.