Cremallera con hebilla bañado en oro.

Bolsos de moda, bolsos de piel.

A bag is more than a bag

It contains all the most important elements of a person, completes an outfit, and most importantly, it is a statement of who you are.

At Vanele, we believe that quality and elegance belong to everyone.
Our high quality luxury wallets are made to fit every woman or man personality. We want to share with you who we are, where we come from and where we are going…

This is Vanele

Bolsos de moda, bolsos de piel.

About us?

Bolsos de moda, bolsos de piel.

Vanele is a luxury handbag company located in the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​Spain. We are a company that prides itself on true and elegant fashion, made with love and care. All our bags designed and manufactured by hand.

We have in the ELAN collection the three custom colors of Camel, Red and Black. Each collection has handbags ranging from a small clutch, crossbody bags, and larger travel bags. We also have smaller accessories that serve different purposes, like sleeves for fancy tech.

Where did we come from?

Bolsos de moda, bolsos de piel.

Our founder and creative director, Rosa Alcover, spent years designing interiors and exteriors for cars, yachts, lighting fixtures, and more. Her creative vision led her to initiate Vanele after realizing she had ideas for something stylish and unique.

Where we go?

Detalles del interior del bolso weekend camel.

We’re not even close to doing it! Vanele strives to continue growing as a creative force in the luxury handbag industry.
In a world full of fast fashion, we aim to spark a renaissance of quality and elegance.

Join us in this adventure

Bolsos de piel VANELE | Exclusive Hand Bags
Mujer con bolso rojo de piel mirando barcos.

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